Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Neo Bistro, Mt. Kisco
Neo is the only place in Westchester that I know of, that has begun serving Vietnamese Pho bowls.  It is a mixed Asian kind of place, that opened up a couple of years ago and seems to be doing good business.  I don't care much for the “dim and sleek” style décor, but the food will not disappoint you.  The bibimbap, served in a hot stone pot was well made, the rice well crusted against the side of the pot, a dish befitting the restaurant’s Korean management.  The Pho, with a broth richer and deeper than what is usual, was hearty and wholesome.  It appears currently as a special on the menu and I do hope that they do not drop it.  Lovers of Japanese noodle bowls such as Ramen, will like Pho for it offers the same mix of a casual,  satisfying and no-nonsense meal.  The sushi was of the same quality as any of the run-of-the-mill Northern Westchester sushi places.  The place does not have the cosiness of nearby Little Kabab Place, but has a varied collection of Asian dishes that are not phoney and well worth going for.
Note added Jan 29, 2012: A second visit ratified the conclusions from the first.  The Pho is a steady dish, with a wholesome, filling broth.  The bibimbop is reliable.  This place is a fusion Asian place that does not muck with the dishes by alloying them with different ethnic cuisines.  That often turns into a fashionable disaster.  It is fusion in the sense that they will serve dishes from different cuisines.  And they have made a success out of it.

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